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Leadership Coaching

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Commitment: 6 or 12 month commitment.

Frequency: 30 to 60 minute calls weekly or bi-weekly.

Access: Adaptable sessions, scalable practices, prompt text, e-mail and phone contact throughout your coaching commitment.

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Sound leadership coaching is an essential vehicle for many leaders. Research shows significant leadership development bottlenecks in most organizations. Below average corporate performance results.

Attracting top talent outside of the organization is also tenuous. The Harvard Business School found 58% of new executives hired from outside the organization fail within 18 months.

The Corporate Executive Board surveys of new management hires found 89% reported not having the full set of skills or knowledge to do their jobs.

Accenture's survey of over 900 top executives world wide reveals nearly 50% of leaders found their organization was not well suited to develop leaders with the ability to lead and manage in the face of rapid changes and on-the-job learning demands.

Sound research-grounded developmental coaching is an important part of the necessary response to these challenges.

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Until organizations expand capacities to leverage the science of adult learning and professional development within their on-the-job demands leadership coaching will be an essential foundation for many leaders. Up-leveling skills to achieve the organization's strategic and aspirational outcomes required to survive and thrive in today's marketplace requires the kind of leadership coaching McNamara provides.

Rob is a world-leading practitioner and respected expert on developmental coaching. Clients access highly specialized services tailored to the unique demands of the personal and professional contexts defining their life. You can expect:

- Long Range Mission Development for yourself and your organization.

- Sophisticated insights into Political Positioning and the cultivation of Personal Power.

- Tailored Biological Training to optimize brain development, performance and well-being.

- Advanced leadership training for Influence and Impact.


80% of upper level management have higher levels of adult mental development.

80% of junior levels of management have junior levels of adult mental development.

Be Bold. Invest in what you can become. Develop yourself and lead your organization with greater impact.

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"Each of us literally chooses, by his way of attending to things, what sort of universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit."
William James American Philosopher & Psychologist 1842-1910