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Audio Course

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Free 7-Part audio coaching programing for high performance professional growth.
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Listen to a sample: The Developmental Dynamics of Distraction

Elegant Leadership: Commanding Influence, Your Development for Greater Mastery at Work

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Commanding Influence, Your Development for Greater Mastery at Work

This premier audio course gives you access to hours of direct instruction and recorded coaching with adult development expert and leadership coach Rob McNamara.

Each audio chapter of Commanding Influence is carefully divided into digestible 20-minute segments. Each module unpacks key features of the developmental process and shows you what these transitions look like in your day-to-day professional life. Audio segments conclude with clear tactical tools you can take into your life to being applying immediately.

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Masterful in his exposition of leading developmental psychologists Robert Kegan and Susanne Cook-Greuter’s work.
David McCallum, Executive Assistant to the President, Mission Integration and Development Le Moyne College

In Person Trainings

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Integral Facilitator:
Gain access to Rob's unique expertise through the Integral Facilitation certificate program. To learn more, visit www.TenDirections.com.


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Rob is currently developing a course on Meditation and Adult Development for 2017-2018. More details soon.