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Our new start date is Sept 6th 2018. We will explore closing or re-engaging in March of 2019.

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Resources below are for you, explore what fits, don't worry about what's not of value. And, feel free to let me know if additional resources would better support your progress.

The e-mail I have for you is: gui@sunnyminds.us
. Let me know if you want me tracking other e-mail accounts as well.

My current contact information:

Phone: 303.842.6018
E-mail: Rob@RobMcNamara.com
Facetime: Rob@RobMcNamara.com
Skype: RobertLundinMcNamara

Gui, I'm honored and looking forward to engaging with you soon!
~Rob McNamara

Your Client Resources

The Elegant Self +

Your complimentary audio resources for The Elegant Self +

Get two free chapters of The Elegant Self
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Developmental Coaching Recordings

  • Development & Distraction
  • Recording
Peer into the developmental dynamics operative within distraction in professional contexts.
  • Asserting Yourself
  • Recording
Explore the developmental dynamics involved in asserting yourself professionally.
  • Mission & Influence
  • Recording
Unpack how your personal mission can expand influence and foster adult development.
  • Working with Overwhelm
  • Recording
Understand working with overwhelm from a constructive-developmental perspective.
  • Working with Difficult People
  • Recording
Gain key insights into how you can more effectively leverage working with difficult people to foster your own development.

Overview of Adult Development

Explore the 4 Stages of Adult Development from a Developmental-Constructive Theory orientation.

Core Asset Management Series

- Satellite Development
Asset Management Map (Pages Download)
Asset Management Map (PDF)

6 Months Leadership Coaching

All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume in practically every human being, and certainly in almost every newborn baby, that there is an active will toward health, an impulse toward growth, or towards the actualization
Abraham Maslow