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Commitment: Minimum 6 month commitment.

Frequency: Minimum of one 60 minute call every other week.

Access: Adaptable sessions, scalable practices, prompt e-mail and phone contact.

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Excellence & Elegance

McNamara's work is highly tailored to the specific demands your life is presenting. Ensuring you get the right attention on the most critical levers for change is essential. Prefabricated methodologies fail to meet the specific contours of the complex demands you face today. As such, your coaching rests on an Open Sourcing Methodology.

Your highest levels of personal excellence are merely a starting point. McNamara holds a rare ability to show you how to further elevate performance. Whether you are an executive looking for critical performance measures under pressure from stakeholders or an elite professional athlete securing your next contract, McNamara's tenure working with the best of the best provides seasoned guidance.

"Take yourself from trying to achieve
excellence to being elegant."
- Rob McNamara

The form and structure of you can be magnificent. And, according to McNamara you must be magnificent. Life is in the process of polishing your rough edges and organizational demands invite you to personally and professionally develop. Answer the call with courage. You must be adaptive. You must be nimble yet powerful. You must be more responsive.

And, simultaneously you must cultivate you capability to be still and open. Your power must source from a part of you that is unmoving. Life requires adaptive change and it demands your largest freedoms. Ultimately, both are required. If you inspect life closely you are likely to discover your highest aptitudes are no longer optional. If you have the luxury where life is not demanding your peak performance McNamara's coaching is not for you. Clients who find themselves pressed by extraordinary demands, unrelenting complexities and large consequences in the balance find Performance Coaching to be the crucial support for unparalleled performance.

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Integrative Assessments

Leadership Coaching applies its force in both your personal and professional lives. Separating the two is a mistake. Optimal performance requires collaborative and strategic alliances between your work and play. Family life and organizational life must creatively integrate and mutually support one another. Fortifying your competitive edges through understanding pain points and persistent limitations while you reveal unique gifts and core aspirations.

Through this process McNamara Helps you grasp hold of the developmental underpinnings of how you function. Adaptive learning opportunities prove to clarify performance levers you need control of. As you become more complex, you become a more valuable and proficient human being.

Core Asset Management

Working with individual clients, groups and organizations over the past decade has revealed a proprietary approach to change not found in any book or training manual. Part of this work is called Core Asset Management.

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Most coaching models fail to identify and explicitly train you to negotiate and work with your core assets. Most approaches to change focus on more tertiary facets of yourself. This is often inefficient, at times harmful and ultimately wastes your most precious resources. McNamara shows you how to leverage your core assets for greater returns. While your competition focuses on conventional changes, you wield dramatic performance advantages.

Integral Practice Design

McNamara's coaching leverages one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional development: Integral Practice. Think of it as cross-training for every facet of yourself. McNamara provides world class Integral Practice design to unlock higher aptitudes most coaches are ignorant of.

Cultivate your gifts with greater efficiency. Catalyst change with elegance. This is what leadership coaching does for you. World class coaching to help you clarify and achieve.

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"Each of us literally chooses, by his way of attending to things,
what sort of universe he shall appear to himself to inhabit."
William James
American Philosopher & Psychologist

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